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01-19-2017.  About ten years ago, I was walking to my car and my legs and hip seemed to lock. The doctor said I had bad knee, hips and degenerating discs in my lower back.  He recommended we start by replacing my hip and I said no.  For ten years, I have exercised and used medication.  Soon I was using a cane and just recently a walker.  A friend told me about Southside [Community] Acupuncture.  At my first appointment, I was impressed with the professionalism and compassion.  After one treatment, I was more flexible.  Four months later there is significantly more flexibility and my gait is more normal.  I can get in the car without lifting my legs with my hands. I am optimistic about continued improvement!  -- Wilda F.

08-21-2017. I had severe Plantar Fasciitis in both feet due to over exercise, walking around at work very painful. Tried everything, inserts, heat, cold, stretching, and nothing worked. I went for my first appointment with Sean, Feb -- 11 --17. I started back my walking exercise early April --17, and haven't looked back. I'm 70 years old and put in about 120 miles speed-walking a month and have absolutely no pain.   Southside Community Acupuncture comes with my highest recommendations. 5 Stars. -- Jerry Wright


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