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01-19-2017.  About ten years ago, I was walking to my car and my legs and hip seemed to lock. The doctor said I had bad knee, hips and degenerating discs in my lower back.  He recommended we start by replacing my hip and I said no.  For ten years, I have exercised and used medication.  Soon I was using a cane and just recently a walker.  A friend told me about Southside [Community] Acupuncture.  At my first appointment, I was impressed with the professionalism and compassion.  After one treatment, I was more flexible.  Four months later there is significantly more flexibility and my gait is more normal.  I can get in the car without lifting my legs with my hands. I am optimistic about continued improvement!  -- Wilda F.

08-21-2017. I had severe Plantar Fasciitis in both feet due to over exercise, walking around at work very painful. Tried everything, inserts, heat, cold, stretching, and nothing worked. I went for my first appointment with Sean, Feb -- 11 --17. I started back my walking exercise early April --17, and haven't looked back. I'm 70 years old and put in about 120 miles speed-walking a month and have absolutely no pain. Southside Community Acupuncture comes with my highest recommendations. 5 Stars. -- Jerry Wright


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I had a very positive and wonderful experience with Sean's expert skills. He assessed my concerns very accurately and quickly. The energy he shared with his healing was so strong that I could feel energy moving instantly and even afterwards! My sense of balance and relaxation was very deep! Don't wait to assist your healing! -- MR, 2019

Every time I go for my session, I leave rejuvenated and energized. Erica is a very sweet and mindful person. She has helped my body to heal in its own pace. I usually goes twice a week. Their affordable sliding scale makes it possible. I highly recommend Southside Community Acupuncture. -- KR, 2018

Good practice! Pros - Very informative onboarding, good sensitivity to a spectrum of needs, deft/professional handling, nice open-ended timeframes, reasonable costs. Cons - Fairly random/sterile location in a medical office park with a little difficulty to find and park. Overall I got some great relief for a nagging issue and plan on returning.  -- RM, 2018

What a blessing Southside Community Acupuncture is. It’s a warm and inviting space and Mrs. Erica is so caring and professional. So grateful to have found them to help support my wellness. Thank you, Southside for providing such a wonderful space where the community can receive great care at an affordable cost. -- LK, 2018

I found them through a friend who was looking for affordable acupuncture. I went through the free phone consultation and knew that I'd feel comfortable, just from that. The office space is comfortable and inviting. They have a sliding scale fee and tell you that they won't treat you any differently based on what you pay. I am unable to pay the most and they don't treat me any differently. I feel like I'm important and cared for when I'm there. They really listen to you and want to make sure that you are comfortable and understand what's going on. They are professional, thoughtful, kind, answer any and all questions that you have, and check on you frequently without making you feel pressured. I have been telling everyone I know to check them out. They are truly incredible and I'm sad that I didn't find them sooner. You won't be disappointed if you go! -- SB, 2018

I should have started going here a long time ago! I am so grateful for Southside Community Acupuncture's existence. It's been an incredible journey so far. -- LL, 2018

So glad I found Southside community acupuncture! After Pamela Howard closed River City, there was no other community place.. but thankfully I found southside! I can’t recommend them enough. I see Sean and he is super knowledgeable and easy to work with, listens and understands my health issues. He runs the clinic with his wife and both have masters in oriental medicine, they know what they are doing! Also the sliding scale is great, I can actually afford to keep my chronic disease under wraps. -- MC, 2018

Sean was great! Comfortable and very affordable. I would not be able to get help for my pain if it weren't for the great rates here. -- LD, 2018

SCA is a professional, efficient and wallet-friendly approach to acupuncture. I’ve had several treatments and always feel amazing/so much better afterwards. -- HN, 2018

Highly recommend -- CA, 2018

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Professional, spa like atmosphere, friendly,convenient, affordable and I felt a lot better. -- KW, 2018

I've been going for a couple months and I couldn't recommend them more. I feel listened to, cared about, and I am incredibly happy that I found them. I feel like they have been integral in my healing process, physically and emotionally. There's so much that I didn't realize acupuncture could do and my life is incredibly improved since going. You should take the time to go experience acupuncture and meet the wonderful couple that own the practice. -- SJ, 2018

SCA makes it easy to book appointments and the sliding scale payment option is great. Sean is knowledgeable and does a fine job taking care of people. The atmosphere is peaceful and adds to the experience of acupuncture. I highly recommend SCA to anyone in need of acupuncture in the Richmond, Va area. I am glad I found SCA when I did!  -- JD, 2018

Recently had my first acupuncturist session. Felt super comfortable through the entire process because Sean was great! Looking forward to making this a part of my self care routine! -- ML, 2017

Love the business model. Wish there was more affordable acupuncture near Richmond. Acupuncturists are amazing and intelligent too.  -- KB, 2017

Sean is a natural and wise healer, whose attention and care is hard to find elsewhere. He lives his practice and has years of experience to offer. He is kind, gentle, intuitive, and immediately trustworthy. -- EA, 2017

Not only is this place beautiful, it is also well priced and a fantastic value. Sean is precise, intuitive, and an excellent practitioner. I feel extremely comfortable recommending this business to anyone seeking acupuncture. -- DD, 2017

Sean and Erica are skilled and deeply knowledgeable practitioners, who treat patients with a soothing bedside manner and a lovely, positive spirit. Their office is also like a page out of Architectural Digest. For anyone considering acupuncture for the first time, or seeking a practice in south Richmond, I highly recommend this one. -- DB, 2017

Sean is a phenomenal practitioner with an easy & kind nature. He has high levels of impressive intuition and is easy to open up to. I have deeply benefited from his services & highly recommend this establishment. -- LR, 2016

Reviews from Yelp

So far so good. I went in for pulling and tingling in my left sciatic nerve and leg swelling. This was my first ever acupuncture treatment. The needles don't hurt, just the smallest prick at insertion. I could actually feel what I can only describe as energy transferring from the right side of my body through my pelvis and over to the left side. Afterwards the nagging pulling sensation in my leg is gone still 1 week after treatment. The numbness in my toes is very faint and I'm sure another treatment will get rid of it completely. My legs have also been less swollen this week. Thank you Sean. I'm now a believer. The treatments are also super affordable. It costs much less than PT with good insurance. Plus no medications with side effects to harm your body. It's a no brainer. -- TK, 2017

Beautiful and relaxing location. It is nice to find a community acupuncturist location nearer to Chesterfield. I love the salt lamps, which add a beautiful healthful touch. Community acupuncture is a wonderful thing, opening the opportunity to everyone the healing power of acupuncture. --  JO, 2016

Recently I was visiting family in the Richmond area and wanted to continue my regular acupuncture treatments while there. I found Southside Community Acupuncture near the Stony Point Fashion Park and scheduled an appointment. Seeing a practitioner for the first time can be unnerving, but once I met the acupuncturist I was totally at ease. Sean was very knowledgable and caring.  After my treatment I was completely relaxed; my physical symptoms were much improved; and even a pain in my hand, which I did not mention to him, completely disappeared. The session was so beneficial that I went back before leaving Richmond. I found a gem and will definitely go back when I am in the area.  -- BS, 2016

Qigong Class and Past Workshops

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Dr. Suzanne Friedman: Letter of Recommendation

Qigong Class Review – I participated in Sean’s qigong classes last year. That was my first experience with qigong and found the classes to be very, very easy for a beginner. Sean is very respectful of student’s level of experience and created a comfortable setting where students could take a break if needed. Participants felt free to ask questions or make requests for qigong forms to address specific ailments/conditions. During the class, Sean also provided information on various qigong forms as well as on qigong in general.  I left each time feeling energized. I am so happy that Sean is offering this class again. --KE, 2018

The student lead Qigong and self care classes are incredibly useful for me to build self care skills to get me through this program and provide healthy care to others. Thank you for offering them! -- Anonymous, July 2014  --  Weekly Qigong classes offer by Sean during Acupuncture School in Berkeley, Ca.

Sean is a natural teacher of the great art of Qigong. I recently attended one of his workshops and was impressed with his ability to quickly and effectively share the gentle exercises, corresponding medical theory, and a general sense of calm, flowing qi. I highly recommend Sean's workshops (and individual sessions) based on his knowledge, years of training, dedication, professionalism, compassionate heart and the appropriate level of responsibility he takes for the health of his students and clients. He is well on his way to becoming a true Master of Qigong.  -- Anonymous, 2013

incredible. very kind and compassionate, helped me relax so much, helped stabilize my anxiety. -- Anonymous, 2013

I learned the Daoist 5 Qigong form from Sean with a small and rotating group of students over the span of a month or so. We met once a week, outside by a really big tree (pretty ideal learning environment) and went through warmups and the form step by step, reviewing each move before going on to the next. Sean made it a point to stay true to teaching us the form the way he was taught, while also sprinkling in his own additions. I really enjoyed this way of teaching from a tradition but not being limited by it. I found Sean's teaching style to be thorough yet easygoing, a great combination. And at the end, I had a complete form I could practice on my own, which is invaluable. -- DW, 2013

Sean recently led a qigong relaxation workshop for me and a small group of college students. Many of us did not know much about qigong, and he did an excellent job introducing what it is and how it can benefit us. Everyone was really engaged in all the different techniques he showed us using breathing and movements. Sean was incredibly helpful and open to questions. He was very knowledgeable and dedicated to giving us an enjoyable experience. Many also expressed that the workshop helped alleviate stress. I would definitely recommend Sean! -- TL, 2013

I had an individual therapy session with Sean. I really appreciated how Sean took the time to really listen to my concerns and history of medical problems. He made me feel like my words and insight to my own body were valuable, and he took what I had to say in consideration of his applied qigong therapy -- Anonymous, 2013

I received multiple qi gong treatments from Sean over the course of a year. I truly appreciate his grounded presence and unique insight into situations. He is a well trained and highly qualified gi gong practitioner with a mission to help others and with much to offer to anyone in need. He has shown the ability to increase one's well being as well to improve chronic conditions -- EM, 2013

Sean is remarkably talented and caring. I've had the privilege of knowing Sean and receiving care from him for the past four years. When seeing Sean for acute back pain caused by nerve damage, I would walk away feeling relief no other care had give me (massage, acupuncture, physical therapy). He has great intuition in his practice -- in knowing what would be most effective to work on and his energy work is powerful. More than anyone, he was able to understand the level of pain I was going through and address it without diminishing it to oversimplified diagnoses (which I found with all of my other alternative healthcare providers). His earnest approach to qigong, consulting, and life really makes his practice so valuable. He is honest in saying where his abilities end, but effective in giving what care he can to address the imbalance/pain/condition/issue and discuss other resources. Well worth your time and money to receive care from Sean. -- MG, 2013

Sean was great. He was exceedingly nice/accommodating for our free consultation. He gave me plenty of good resources to help my wrist injury. I look forward to meeting with him again. -- NK, 2013

Thank you so much for taking time out of your weekend to help us facilitate the meditation workshop. I personally really enjoyed the workshop and found it really interesting and relaxing. :) Definitely brightened up my mood on this cold Saturday!  -- Anonymous, 2012

We hope you enjoyed teaching us as much as we enjoyed learning from you and thank you, thank you, thank you, so much again for helping out! We couldn't have done it without your help! -- Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)  UC Berkeley, 2012

It was so great to finally see some of what you do and experience the awesome practice of qi-gong. Thanks again for coming out... -- TASA Participate, 2012

"...everyone was so relaxed after!!! Thank you." -- Euclid Hall Participate, 2012



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