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Please note many of the other exercises we do in class are found in this book: Heal Yourself with Qigong by my late teacher Dr. Suzanne Friedman. You can also find our beginner's sequence from her Qigong For Beginners DVD.

Please note: Handouts form Heal Yourself with Qigong, are copied with permission of the Author for use by current Qigong Students and Patients.  Do not re-share without permission from the estate of Suzanne Friedman


Qigong Practice Basics

Posture and Breath

Exercises and Meditations

Pulling down the Sky / Heaven aka Qi Shower

Period Pain: winding belt channel

5 Element Liver Meditation

Acu-Point for Headache 1

Acu-Point for Anxiety

Ascend and Descend Qi

Dragon Headache

Healing Sound: Heart

Healing Sound: Hypertension

Healing Sound: Heart Burn

Low Back Kidney Massage

Micro Cosmic Orbit points

Open Heaven Close Earth

Qigong Belly Rubs

Neck Exercises 1 and 2

Shoulder Roll

ST Channel Massage

Strengthen Wrists

Tree Roots

Water Fall meditation

Energy Bubble


Qigong Warms Ups List: Suzanne Style

Monks Graphic: Standing Eight Brocades

Daoist Five plus Standing Simple Healing Sounds

Seated Eight Brocades

Seated Healing Sounds

Six Healing Breaths Standing: Moving and Static

Other Links

Larry Wong now retired was my first teacher.  Here are links to his warm ups:

Swaying Hands 1-3 by Larry Wong aka Swinging Elephant's Trunk

Parting Clouds 1-3 by Larry Wong

Wuji Gong form aka Primordial Qi Gong  Part 1, Part 2

Suzannah Station L.Ac, partner of Suzanne Friedman.  Now teaches Medical Qigong certification modules in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Often at AIMC, Berkeley

Vadim Derevyanko L.Ac senior Student of Suzanne Friedman with various other training such as marital qigong styles and Tai Chi.  Teaches occasionally in Washington State.

Ted O’Brien, L.Ac  founder of East Coast Institute of Medical Qigong. Colleague of Suzanne Friedman.  Recommended by Suzanne for Medical Qigong training in Gettysburg, PA 

Suzanne Friedman DVD downloads

Suzanne Friedman Zen Cancer Wisdom

instagram sca 


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