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12.19.2018 -- Pay It Forward Vouchers: eight $5, one $10

A few months ago Southside Community Acupuncture (SCA) implemented a Pay-It-Forward or voucher program, which allows us to offer discounts or partial payment for those who cannot afford the lower end of our sliding scale for each visit: currently $40 for new patients; $25 for returning patients.

How It Works: At time of payment during your appointment select a voucher(s) located at the front desk. A patient can use multiple vouchers at the same time if necessary, and once a voucher has been posted anyone can redeem it. There is no sign up list. No financial data is collected.

SCA is able to provide access in this way because members of our community generously pay-it-forward to help maintain the voucher board. In this way the program is self-regulating, so there is no limit to how many times a patient can choose to use the board so long as there are vouchers posted.

At SCA we believe that treatment sessions should be long, frequent, and affordable in order to facilitate better health and wellness. Our flexible group treatment model allows us to maximize the duration of each treatment; i.e. we never ask you to leave early to make room for another patient.

If you know anyone who might benefit from our program, please feel free to send them our way.


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