Community Energy Work: Medical Qigong Therapy Now Available

by Sean Honea L.Ac

qigong therapy sean

Now Available Community Medical Qigong Therapy

Qigong means "life energy cultivation" or "energy work" and is traditionally seen as a method to cultivate and balance qi.  Medical Qigong Therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine. Like Acupuncture, it is one of the four main branches of Chinese medicine, a system of health care that recognizes the root causes of symptoms or disease, and treats the clients as a whole person. Put simply it is acupuncture without needles. Community Energy work appointments are now available in tandem with our regular community acupuncture clinic

New Patient: Community Energy Work
Sliding scale $35 to $65: with Sean

Approximately 30 minutes, but you are welcome to rest in the chair afterwards as long as you wish.

Returning Patients Sliding Scale: $20 to $50 with Sean.

Approximately 15 minutes, but you are welcome to rest in the chair as long as you wish.

Qigong therapy. Hands-On and or hands off therapy stimulating acupuncture points. No insertion of needles. Contact needling aka non-insertion needling may be done. Take-home Qigong exercises or acupressure prescriptions may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Previous Acupuncture Patients may book with a Return Patient appointment.


Energy Work Appointment




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