Pay It Forward: Casting Our Net Wider

by Sean Honea L.Ac

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Pay It Forward: Casting Our Net Wider

Our goal has always been to offer people the acupuncture they need at a price they can afford. It is why we treat in groups on a sliding scale. However, we recognize that no matter how low we set our scale, there would always be someone who cannot afford our rates. Perhaps you have been that someone. In response to that need we are instituting a Pay It Forward Program in the form of a voucher board.

We are able to provide access in this way because members of our community generously pay-it-forward to help maintain our voucher board. If you would like to make a contribution in support of our efforts, you can pay-it-forward by following these steps.

What it Looks like:

  • At the front desk we have posted a bulletin board
  • Sticky notes that function as payment vouchers are posted there
  • Notes may be in any dollar amount, for example: $1, $5, $20, $35
  • Once purchased, notes can be redeemed at any time by any patient for partial payment towards their treatment

How It Works:

  • Patient A is feeling generous this week. They have already paid $30 for their treatment, but have decided to pay forward an additional $5.
  • Patient A goes to the front desk and pays the $5 for a sticky note voucher
  • A $5 note is then posted on the board with the date it was purchased.
  • Patient B goes to the front desk to pay for their treatment, but only has $15. Patient B takes the $5 voucher / note from the Board and presents it with their $15 to the front desk for payment. All is well.
  • A few months go by and Patient B is feeling generous and decides to purchase a $10 sticky note, which is posted to the voucher board.
  • The note is then redeemed by Patient C, Patient D, or even Patient A who is low on funds that month.
  • The Cycle continues.

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