Spring has Sprung: Acupuncture and Seasonal Allergies

by Sean Honea L.Ac


spring tree

Spring has sprung, and for many people that means the return of seasonal allergies. On a personal note, seasonal allergies have been an ongoing struggle for me. I was diagnosed with sensitivities to three types of grass, oak trees, and possibly molds during my time in the Army. I recall the Doctor saying that I had just the right combination to be bothered "anywhere I went in the United States, anytime of year." I thought, "well, that's just great."

After years of finding only marginal relief with antihistamines and Neti pots, I discovered the benefits of Acupuncture. In combination with Chinese herbs I started to find some relief from the post nasal drip, itchy eyes, and nasal congestion. With regular treatments I felt a difference, and improved even more by eliminating gluten and dairy while moderating sugar in my diet.  Changing my diet also resulted in my losing 40 lbs, a welcome side benefit.

In Chinese medicine terms, I was resolving dampness. In Helena Barker’s article, Dampness -- How To Resolve It, she gives tips on what foods to eat and to avoid, and good approaches to eating in general such as "Relaxation – the Chinese believe not to mix food with work, watching TV or reading, also important to relax your posture as not to hinder the passage of food through your body" or "Chew well – well chewed food lessens the work for your digestive organs and increases the efficient extraction of nutrients, it also warms chilled foods."

I no longer take herbs regularly, and no longer follow a restricted diet. But when my allergies start acting up, I start to moderate my diet and give myself a few maintenance treatments with acupuncture.

Are you having trouble with seasonal allergies? Why not get relief today by making an appointment? Also check out this article by CNN, Acupuncture may be antidote for allergies.

In the article, Dr. Benno Brinkhaus from the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics at Charité University Medical Center in Berlin writes "From my experience as a physician and acupuncturist, and as a researcher, I would recommend trying acupuncture if patients are not satisfied with the conventional anti-allergic medication or treatment or they suffer from more or less serious sides effects of the conventional medication. Also because acupuncture is a relative safe treatment."

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