Traumatic Stress of Just Living in Today

by Sean Honea L.Ac

man with hands against face 

Providing a reliable and affordable means to treat the toxic stress of life in order to empower people to live the life they want / desire is what community acupuncture is all about... Why is this important for people? Check out some excerpts from Dr. Laura Kerr's Blog post: Capitalism exploits the body’s response to traumatic stress.

  • "Capitalism’s capricious economic cycles also contribute to stress. The body responds to threats with agitated alertness, especially when there is a coinciding belief that taking action is necessary to avoid being hurt. In trauma lingo, we refer to this as a state of hypervigilance, or the need to continually scan the environment for the possibility that past threats will reemerge and once again endanger one’s survival. ..."
  • "In his book On Deep History and the Brain, Daniel Lord Smail makes a connection between global capitalism, social hierarchies, and the body’s reaction to threats. Smail argues capitalism exploits the body’s survival responses (i.e., freeze, fight, flight, and submission) by creating the conditions of psychological domination as well as providing relief from the feelings of powerlessness that capitalism and social hierarchies engender. According to Smail, capitalism generates stress through its unpredictability and hierarchical power structures, but it also alleviates stress by producing an economy organized around the production and circulation of addictive substances and practices."


  • "Today, the use of addictive substances and activities to regulate stress is so common it is difficult to demarcate between what counts as recreational use of substances and what constitutes lifestyle maintenance. Addictions are a widespread way of managing feelings of agitation and overwhelm, which for many are habitual responses to the pressure of trying to make a living in the current global economy. Typically when we anticipate danger, the body either becomes so activated that it enters a state of extreme agitation (referred to as “hyperarousal”) or it moves towards a state of shut down in response to feeling profoundly overwhelmed (called “hypoarousal”). Addictive substances and activities are now everyday methods for escaping such states — a role religion historically served, especially in the preindustrial world."

Why do I believe in Community aka Affordable acupuncture? Because, not everyone can afford therapy, has good health insurance which pays for mental health care, and can afford spa treatments, nor can they rely on substances decade after decade...the body wears out. Your coping / surviving skills need to upgrade over time. Is affordable acupuncture the answer? For some it may well be, and perhaps for others it's just one small step in the right direction.

in unity,


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