Online Intakes and Contact Information Updates

by Sean Honea L.Ac

Often we get busy in community acupuncture. The room is quiet and full, and people are resting peacefully. So you might not get to say as much about why your are coming in other than a few whispered words. Perhaps you have had a great breakthrough or other joy in your life, or a equally powerful tragic occurrence or set back. Well now there is a way for you to tell us about it, while still maintaining the peaceful calm of the group setting.

You can provide us this information in addition to the condition you would like to focus on when you schedule your appointment through the online scheduler.

Online Intake Primary Concerns

You can also tell us more about your last visit, other health concerns, and update your contact information.


Online Intake Contact Info

Allow Enough Time

Online appointments must be scheduled at least 15 minutes in advance. If you try to do it less than that the scheduler will not let you book the appointment and you may lose everything you wrote in the online intake.

Editing your Intake

After you make your appointment online (or thru the front desk), you will receive a confirmation email. At the bottom of this email you will see options to Change/Cancel your appointment or add it to your personal calendar.    

edit online intake

Click the "Change/Cancel appointment" option and you will be taken to this screen:

Change Cancel Appointment

Click on the "Edit Forms" button in the upper right, and you will be able to edit your online intake. If the system will not let you edit your intake, you may need to "Register for an Account," which is at the bottom same screen.   If you schedule several days ahead, you can follow the same process with your "reminder email."

If you still need help, we'd be happy to assist you by calling 804-433-8558.




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