$20 treatments for POCA Members

by Sean Honea L.Ac


Hello RVA,

We at Southside Community Acupuncture our excited to announce an additional member benefit to joining the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). Starting today, all POCA members receive an additional $5 off on the $25 Returning Treatments, so you pay just $20 per treatment. That's in addition to your other POCA member benefits listed above such as waiver of the $10-$15 paper work fee for New Patients at any POCA clinic, a complementary treatment on your Birthday, and 3 referral coupons for you or your friends at any POCA Clinic across the world (currently 132 clinics!).

POCA memberships are sliding scale starting at $25, so it only takes 5 appointments at SCA to get a return on your investment. Plus you get the added benefit of knowing that your investment is helping to bring community acupuncture to people like you around the world.

Joining POCA puts your membership fees to work immediately as we:

  • Develop a micro-loan program to open and support more clinics.
  • Create affordable educational alternatives to train community acupuncturists (aka punks).
  • Support punks in successfully opening, managing, and improving their clinics.
    Promote legislative change to encourage and support community acupuncture.
  • Provide a working model for sustainable, ethical, affordable community healthcare practices.
  • Increase access to affordable acupuncture for all.

Plus since POCA is a co-op you have the opportunity to get more involved by voting in annual board elections, running for positions in the cooperative, and access to the online forum aka the knowledge commons of community acupuncture.

Join POCA today to start receiving your benefits.

Thank you for making SCA your local Community Acupuncture Clinic in Richmond, VA



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