Pokemon Go Fatigue: Walking More Recently?

Walking more recently? Finding yourself going out more and more to catch them all? Perhaps your feet ache, you are experiencing muscle soreness or those pesky shin splits have started acting up again. You are not alone. Check out Gizmodo's recent show case of Pokemon GO Fatigue aka sore legs via twitter.

Sore Legs Become Pandemic As Pokémon Go Players Accidentally Get Exercise

Southside Community Acupuncture can help you out. First time treatment $40. Return Treatments $25, and since we treat in a group setting you can bring your friends. And according to the Ingress map there may or may not be a Pokemon Stop or Gym at VCU Hospital across the way.    

If you can't make it down, try massaging this acupuncture point: ST 36 aka Zu San Li aka Three Leg Mile i.e. according to ancient tradition if you massage this point you can walk three more miles! Perhaps not, but it may help with the soreness.  


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