Acupuncture and Anxiety

Here's a good article Erica found which details some of the mechanisms for how acupuncture can relieve anxiety. It's great for people who want to see studies.  

Why Acupuncture Works for Anxiety Relief

Highlights include:  

"Acupuncture controls anxiety by affecting the part of the brain that regulates emotions, meaning it reduces anxiety naturally."

"Compared with drug-based treatments, acupuncture has fewer side effects, works faster, and helps the body heal itself."

Acupuncture is known for pain relief, but is less known for its benefits for people with anxiety and other forms of stress. The Anxiety and Depression Association of American recommends several coping strategies such as:

  • Take a time-out. Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, or learn relaxation techniques. Stepping back from the problem helps clear your head.
  • Get enough sleep. When stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest.
  • Take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly.
  • Welcome humor. A good laugh goes a long way.
  • Distract yourself with an iPod or other portable media player to download audiobooks, podcasts, or music. Many people find it’s more fun to exercise while listening to something they enjoy.
  • Get involved. Volunteer or find another way to be active in your community, which creates a support network and gives you a break from everyday stress.
  • Talk to someone. Tell friends and family you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let them know how they can help you. Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help.
  • Recruit an “exercise buddy.” It's often easier to stick to your exercise routine when you have to stay committed to a friend, partner, or colleague.

Community acupuncture can assist with and augment many of these strategies. Our gentle group treatments provide a sanctuary for support while patients relax. People speak in hushed tones while quiet music plays in the background, so many people often fall asleep during their treatments. Individuals can also recruit friends and family members to join them as well. We can accommodate up to 8 people at a time in our clinic, so all are welcome join our circle of support.    



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