Acupuncture For Military PTSD Found Effective

Acupuncture For Military PTSD Found Effective


A study of the general population reveals that only 7% of individuals with PTSD had initial contact with primary care treatment within the first year of illness. A national study reports that 59% of men and 26% of women “believed that PTSD treatment would not help.” The researchers note that acupuncture is “a safe, potentially nonstigmatizing treatment that reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain….” They add that the underutilization of mental healthcare workers “suggests(s) that a novel and effective treatment option may help increase the proportion of those with PTSD who seek early treatment.” They note, “Acupuncture is a novel and therapeutic option that may help to improve population reach of PTSD treatment.”

Acupuncture can be a beneficial addition for care for complex conditions such as PTSD. It works well with other modalities such as counseling and group therapy. While the article didn't mention NADA. The ear acupuncture therapy has been used in public health clinics in group settings for decades to treat Addiction, Chronic Pain and PTSD.

While I never served in a combat situation, when I look back at my time in the Army, I believe acupuncture could have greatly impacted my stress management potential. Had I'd been aware of the therapy, I probably would not of run all those long distance races for stress relief on top of my regular training.   Tendinitis eventually stopped me just as years later wrist injuries eventually stopped me from doing Capoeira and acrobatics. Suffice to say, I would have saved a lot wear and tear on my body and my adrenals had I known about acupuncture. Fortunately , I did discover the benefits of what a few tiny needles could do, and I am grateful to share this gift with others today.

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